LogosLife International Inc

Bringing Life, through the Word, to the World

LogosLife exists to:

'Bring life, through the Word, to the World'

so that

lives may be transformed to glorify Christ


more clearly understanding the message of the gospel and its application for daily life.

We do this through our personnel who, alongside national workers, are researching, developing, teaching and distributing culturally relevant materials for evangelism and discipleship.

It is our goal to help individuals and churches to know and live the gospel and more effectively fulfil the great commission of making disciples of all the nations.

About Our Workers

Andrew and Sandra Freeman have been involved in assisting and serving in various contexts in the country of Botswana since 2001 and became affiliated with LogosLife International in 2012. 

From the beginning, when they managed a Christian Bookstore, they have had opportunities to help local business to implement sound business strategy with high ethical standards consistent with God's word.  Botswana was the first country on the African continent to have the Bible translated into their own language and over 70% of the population declare themselves as 'Christian' on a census, so through Workplace Chaplaincy, Life Skills and Soft Skills training from a Christian perspective and through personal mentoring, they have continued to help businesses do business better, while connecting personally with individuals, helping them to understand what true success is in God's eyes.

Although Botswana has had the Scriptures in their own language for over 150 years, it also has the world's second highest HIV prevalence rate.  There exists a significant disconnect between access to the Scriptures and daily life impact. 

Sent as volunteer missionaries under the banner of LogosLife International from Australia, their role in Botswana is currently in Workplace Mentoring and Discipleship:

 To empower men and women in the workplace to conduct business with strong ethical values based on Christian Discipleship principles, incorporating an emphasis in Life Skills which in turn affects life in the workplace, and

- To continue to research and develop 'Botswana appropriate, best practice, cross-cultural relationship and communication methods'. 

God is using their many experiences and research into the dynamics of honour/shame in African culture to help them understand and develop better ways of both sharing the gospel and the truth of the Scriptures with those they meet, and helping business function inter-culturally, so that there is greater heart change and thus more solid behaviour transformation.  Their prayer is that as hearts change, individuals will impact their families and communities for God's glory and the good of their country. 

They are also involved in providing Bible teaching through literature and audio, personally writing relevant materials, assisting locals to write, and facilitating translation of materials into local languages.