LogosLife International Inc

Bringing Life, through the Word, to the World

LogosLife exists to:

'Bring life, through the Word, to the World'

so that

lives may be transformed to glorify Christ


more clearly understanding the message of the gospel and its application for daily life.

We do this through our personnel who, alongside national workers, are researching, developing, teaching and distributing culturally relevant materials for evangelism and discipleship.

It is our goal to help individuals and churches to know and live the gospel and more effectively fulfil the great commission of making disciples of all the nations.


S.H.I.N.E. Africa Project - Shame, Honour, Identity, Newly Explained 

 The purpose is to research and develop evangelism and discipleship approaches that flow out of a better understanding of how the issues of Shame and Honour impact a person's understanding of life and the gospel and what it means to live as a Christian.

Westerners have largely not understood the significance and validity of Shame and Honour in various cultures around the world, and even less in the words of Scripture.  Yet, much to the surprise of most people, the words and concepts surrounding the issue of 'shame' are more common in our world and in Scripture than the issue of 'guilt'.  However, how we present the gospel and disciple others largely ignores the concepts of Shame and Honour.

Highest Honour

In cultures that are particularly termed to be 'Shame/Honour Cultures', if the gospel is presented primarily in a 'guilt' context, very little of the gospel actually 'connects' with a person's heart and thinking - their worldview.  Thus as one of our African co-workers has said, 'the gospel hasn't been clearly preached', let alone clearly understood.

The S.H.I.N.E Africa Project's purpose is to better research, develop, teach and distribute materials/resources that are more clearly understood by the African context of Shame/Honour.

It is our desire that Africa will become so transformed by a clearer understanding of the gospel that the purity of truth will 'SHINE' forth from their hearts, across the continent to the world to the glory and honour of the Lord.

Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Pocket Preacher

This small solar powered audio player provided through the ministry of 'MegaVoice' is bringing the food of God's word soundly taught to hungry hearts.

On it we have placed over 300 hours of daily bible teaching content including:

  • Sermons every Sunday for 2 years from Pastor Charles Price of "The People's Church" Toronto, Canada courtesy of 'Living Truth'
  • 5 minute devotionals by Pastor John North for each weekday for 2 years
  • A bible message every Saturday for 2 years on various topics/themes from Bible teachers across the world including USA, Australia, UK, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa
  • The full English Audio Bible ESV
  • Full Setswana New Testament Audio
  • Gospel/Bible stories in Setswana from 'Global Recordings'
  • Audio of 'Gotquestions.org' over 400 most commonly asked questions about God and the Bible
  • Audio of the gospel tract "Good News 4 You" (as part of the S.H.I.N.E. Africa Project) in English and Setswana

This little piece of technology is a 'go anywhere' discipleship tool giving sound Bible teaching to many who would otherwise not have opportunity to access such teaching. Made by Megavoice

SELAH:-  CDs, emails, SELAH WOW emails

The word SELAH is a musical term in the Psalms thought to mean 'to pause or even change key/direction'.  This is a ministry that began when our personnel began sending encouraging emails of helpful excerpts/quotes, links, etc to encourage people to pause in the busyness of life and think on good things and seek how to respond in a Godly way. A further email of Bible teaching/devotional messages particularly for women has since grown out of that.

The SELAH ministry also grew to include CDs of bible messages/sermons freely downloadable from the internet (but that most people don't have time to seek out) which were compiled into topics, copied onto CD and given away.  These have been such an encouragement to many people around the world.


Resources to help people grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ are so needed, especially in the areas where our personnel serve.  Whether they be books, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs or other media, we want to enable and equip believers to be better discipled and to be able to more effectively disciple others.

This area of ministry includes helping people know what resources are available and, as possible, helping people obtain such resources.